Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Collaborative Boards - FREE TpT Lessons & TpT Products

The BestofTPT Pinterest Collaborative Boards

If you would like to post your Teachers Pay Teachers' free products and priced products on my TheBestofTPT Pinterest boards, please submit your Pinterest URL in the space below. Go to your Pinterest page. Copy and paste the URL in the address bar. For example, my Pinterest URL is

I have created the following boards:
TpT Language Arts Lessons
TpT Math Lessons
TpT Science Lessons
TpT Social Studies Lessons
TpT Video Lessons
TpT Digital Lessons
TpT Misc. Lessons
TpT Blogs
TpT School Site Licenses

Once I receive your Pinterest URL, I will add your account to the TpT Pinterest boards.   You will be able to post up to three TpT free products or priced products per day on each of the collaborative boards.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Happy pinning,


  1. Can you add me to the boards? Thank you!

  2. Hi Victoria, I (Clever Classroom) am now following your pins and this blog too! Thanks for the opportunity to pin on your collaborative boards.
    Clever Classroom
    All Free Teacher Resources

  3. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Vicki!

  4. Thanks for putting the TpT boards together! I am glad I found your blog, I am your newest follower!

  5. I dont have a pinterest ULR address! Can you still add me?
    Thanks you.

    1. Hi Hass,
      Feel free to email me at I will then use your email address to send you Pinterest invitation.

  6. Hi Vicky - I'm just getting started with the whole blog/pinterest thing. Thanks very much for providing the opportunity. best, jean snowden

  7. Vicky - What a wonderful enterprise in creating this website. Thank you so much. My lessons at Teachers Pay Teachers are designed to bring Art back into the classroom by integrating Art with knowledge.
    Art is such an important subject for building decision making skills and self confidence. Thanks again for your work and efforts. Fayrene Parrish

  8. How neat! As a new seller, I'm interested to be involved in this. I submitted my info to the google doc! Thanks so much!

  9. Hello Vicky,
    I love your blog and I'm also your new follower. I'm still learning as much as I can about Pinterest, this will be my first collabrative board that I'm joining. Please add our account:

    Thank You !!!
    Mr. & Mrs. Brightside

  10. Love this idea. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Sebrina Burke

  11. Just found my way here from the TPT forums. If you're still adding pinners, I'd love to join. Thanks!

  12. Thank you!

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  14. Hi ESL Rocks,

    Thanks for your interest in my TpT Pinterest boards. I tried to add you to the collaborative boards, but was not able to do so. I think you need to follow me on Pinterest and then I should be able to send you an invitation.

    Be sure to email me at so that I will know to try and add you to my TpT Pinterest collaborative boards.

    Happy pinning,