Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREEBIE Trial of Swapping Sounds Task Cards for Struggling Spellers”

by Susan Berkowitz
2nd - 4th Grade

Students who struggle with spelling, including those with dyslexia, often have difficulty with hearing the sounds in words and - more importantly - where those sounds move and change - to create other words.

Here are 12 free cards from the 90 practice word sets in the paid resource, which can be used as task cards or game cards or simply a prompt for teachers to provide spoken trials in class or intervention.
These may be useful to reading teachers, speech-language pathologists, and classroom teachers who work with students who struggle with encoding/spelling. The full set is available here. swapping sounds

These cards are aimed at students in grades 2 and higher who have difficulty with spelling. If you want a similar product for grade 1, try my Word Families Task/Game Cards: 

The cards provide an initial word, spelled out, and a picture cue for the new word to be spelled. If you want to use these as task cards, you can laminate them and have students use china markers (or other easily erasable pencils/markers) and provide clothes to wipe them off.

For even more practice, check out my app for the iPad: SoundSwaps

which provides practice with word families, changes in initial and final sounds, changes in vowels, and random changes. From

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