Wednesday, April 2, 2014

English Language Arts - "Parody Poetry"

Poetry Lesson - "Parody Poetry: Studying Rhythm and Rhyme"

by Dianne Mason
Grades 9-12

Help your students learn how rhythm and rhyme work in poetry with this fun lesson on parody poetry. The package includes the following:
- A 26 slide Power Point presentation on poetic devices
- A step-by-step plan on introducing parody to your students that uses clips from comedians and popular music.
- Links to numerous examples of parodies of famous poems as well as other poems used in the lesson.
- A worksheet to help students create a parody of their own or for use in creating a whole class parody.
- Vocabulary list
- Rubric for grading students’ parodies
- Quiz on poetic devices (with answer key)  

A great, fun lesson.  Dianne

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