Saturday, April 19, 2014

FREE MATH LESSON - “Strategy for Math Fact Strugglers: Incremental Rehearsal (Grades 1 - 6)”

by Beyond Traditional Math
1st - 6th Grade

This is a routine that I have used to help students master math facts. I use this for students that are struggling below grade level expectations. I teach math fact strategies for the group of facts, and then I follow up with this strategy. If you feel like you cannot connect 1 to 1 with a student, I've had success with parent volunteers. If all else fails, you could also send this home with a parent in a plastic baggie. The document included is a simple instruction page, that is all that is included with this free resource.

By the end of:
Kindergarten - Sums and Differences to 5
1st Grade - Sums and Differences to 10
2nd Grade - Sums and Differences to 20
3rd Grade - Multiplication and Division within 100

This is a way to build on known facts to develop confidence and burn it into their memory. 

* Again: It is VERY important to teach math fact strategies first. This method is often used for students with learning difficulties.

* Adapted from Burns, M. K. (2005). The method attached decreases the number of facts used for younger learners.

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