Sunday, April 13, 2014

Misc. Lesson - "Number Art"

Misc. Lesson – “Number Art!”
By: TheBeezyTeacher
Grades: PreK, Kindergarten, 1st

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Before moving on to learning other math concepts, a crucial math skill is to recognize and understand number relationships. Developing a deep understanding of numbers is the basis in which all other math skills can be applied. While you’re running guided reading groups, young student’s attention span is short and will need to be creating and doing hands on activities. So why not cut, color, and glue large numbers? At the same time they are reinforcing number words, ten frames, tally marks and domino relationships. I use these pages as independent practice during the time that I need to run guided reading and math groups. It also makes a great math center as well as seatwork for early finishers or homework. This packet is designed to engage our youngest learners in hands on math art work that requires others skills such as fine motor skills. It will work for Pre-K and K as well as other early primary grades where students need remediation. I have also included some examples of how you can vary the number art!

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