Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to School – “Teaching Lifesavers-Twelve Classroom Management Forms”

By Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Knowing that behavior issues can be stymied with good classroom management, over the years, I created, revised these forms multiple times in an effort to help me organize and manage my classroom.

My main objective was to create a safe and exciting learning environment. In order to accomplish this goal, I knew that I had to thwart disruptive student behavior before it even began, and to ward off encounters of the negative kind with administrators.

I offer these  12 Teaching Lifesavers to you all who are still leading classrooms.
Teaching Lifesavers-Twelve Classroom Management Forms

Note: If your school district has forms that they require teachers to use that coincide with various policies, use them, of course. If they don’t, download this packet, “Get thee to the copy room, and in a few minutes you will be ready for whatever left hooks the year might toss your way.

As Summer rolls down the hill toward Fall and the Opening Day for the 2-14-2015 school year, I will be posting many Free and Priced Back to School items for you to add to your repertoires.

Except for the Lesson Launch examples, teachers of all subject areas can use these forms. Teachers for grade levels 4-5 can adapt the Lesson Launch idea to fit their students’ needs.

Welcome Back, Teachers!

Happy Teaching,

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