Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back To School Puff Portrait Craftivity

Back to School, Classroom Activity, Language arts, Visual arts

 by ART ACTION - Laurie Carpenter

 Grades 2-5

PDF lesson plan
Patterns for face (optional use)
Step by step photos
Printable facial layout
BB ideas
Follow-up game

PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: This is  so much fun!!!
Just the name "Puff Portraits" gets the kids thinking! Lesson plan will provide
a fun and creative "back to school" activity as the students create their own self-portrait, and the follow-up activities help the children get to know their new classmates.
The project will also create an awareness of the placement of facial features and 3-dimension, while reinforcing basic cutting and gluing skills through a fun craftivity. PATTERNS are provided if teacher elects to simplify the lesson, as written, thus,  providing 2 different approaches.

Follow-up activities help to bring the children together as a class - also, a great lesson throughout the school year.




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