Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teaching Your Students How to Write Complete Sentences: Your Guide To Success!

In all of our years as elementary classroom teachers, we have never had so many students not be able to know about or write a complete sentence. After constantly reminding students what is a complete sentence, we decided to make an interactive slide show that will engage and entertain your students while teaching them the basics of a complete sentence.

Included in the activity is:
-time for students to use think-pair-share to answer questions about sentences

-examples of "caveman" talk vs. complete sentences

-a game show where students can earn points for correct answers

-a complete sentence check card for students to tape to folders or notebooks

-a poster using the word SENTENCE as an acronym that you can display in your classroom

And so much more. There are 28 pages included!

Let's get our students back to writing in complete sentences! Click here to get this now!

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