Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weaving Sculpture with holiday embellishments

Art Action - Laurie Carpenter

Grades 2-6


PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: To provide the elementary student with a 2-dimensional basic weaving experience, followed by a " new twist " on this, when student experiments to creatively change the flat weaving into a paper sculpture.

OPTION #1: A detailed lesson plan requiring the student to use both art and math skills, as they create the entire project from scratch and on their own. (for the older student)

THEN IN OPTION #2: The lesson is simplified into an "easy-art" project using templates and patterns.

BOTH OPTIONS: Can be turned into a holiday project when seasonal embellishments are added. Students may use the templates provided, or create their own original ideas.

* A fun activity that does not require an art room... can be easily accomplished in the classroom or home school.

Lesson Plan for 3 projects
Printed student hand-out
Detailed step-by-step instructions and photos
Templates for simplified version
Motivational procedure
Bulletin Board ideas

Total Pages 12

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