Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vowels: Pumpkin SPLAT! Games (Editable)


It's October and that means it's time for.... Pumpkins!

SPLAT! is a fun and engaging game.  This version gives students practice with long and short vowels.  SPLAT! is played very similar to slap jack.  Students play one card at a time into the middle pile watching for a match... in this version, rhyming words.  If the words rhyme they SPLAT! (slap) the card pile.  Whoever does it first claims the pile for themselves.  Beware the elusive SPLAT! card... if you play one of those it's a race to SPLAT! the pile and claim it for yourself.

This bundle inlcudes:
Directions for play
CCSS covered
Short Vowel Word Families:
~at, ap, an, ag
~et, en
~ip, it, ig, in
~op, ot, og
~un, ug, ut

Long Vowel Word Families:
~ate, ane, ape, ay, ain
~ea, ee, -e
~ite, ine, ime
~ope, oat, ote, one, ore
~ute, uit, une, oon

~ NEW!!!  Editable pumpkin playing cards where you can add your own words. ~

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