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Science: Observation Sheets for Fall Science - Leaves, Apples, Gourds, Pumpkins, Spiders

Observation Sheets for Fall Science - Leaves, Apples, Gourds, Pumpkins and Spiders

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Colors of Fall!

  I love to load my Science table in the Fall with all kinds of colorful, touchy-feely, smelly, gooey....stuff!

You could expect to find:

*Pumpkins - whole and scooped

*Gourds - whole and scooped 

*Apples - whole, sliced and rotten; different kinds

*Leaves - all shapes, sizes and colors 

*Indian corn - in shallow water -to get it to sprout

I use Observation Sheets to go along with all these science goodies. These allow children to explore and record their observations.
Here is a FREEBIE!
I also have Observation Sheets for:

Rotting Apples
Inside of Pumpkins

The kiddos LOVE all of these! 

For the SPIDER sheet, I supply different resources - library/science books, websites (like this NatGeo page)

 Or if your school allows it and you're brave enough - you can catch one and place it in an observation container!


Predictions and Outcomes:

The kiddos love to do a  Sink and Float activity ! They really have fun making predictions and then recording the outcome. 

The Sink and Float sheets are also included in the 

Observation  Sheets for Fall Science

click here!

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Happy Fall!
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