Thursday, May 26, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - Alphabetical Order to the First Letter

by Lessons by Molly


I'm excited to mention that a few days ago I reached over 500 likes on Facebook!  I am so honored that anyone would think it worthwhile to like my educational page. 

I wanted to try and thank as many lower elementary educators as possible so I decided to make a freebie that first and second grade teachers could use.  A parent with a child in first or second grade could also use it for summer review.  

The file includes alphabetical order printable worksheets.  The worksheets are for practice with alphabetizing to the first letter.  These can be used with first graders or as a review at the beginning of the year in second grade.  In addition to the worksheets there are pocket chart word cards that can be used as a center activity.  

I noticed an increase in Facebook likes after I joined The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative and have concluded that this was a contributing force in my getting increased exposure on Facebook.  I am making the freebie available here as well as through my Facebook page.

I've changed my business name from "Zoom Zoom Classroom" to "Lessons by Molly".  I will be closing my Facebook page in the future to create a new one that is aligned with my new name.  Therefore, the link to my Facebook page may only be available for a limited time.

Here a few tips for successfully teaching alphabetical order:

1.  Children need to be able to recite the alphabet in correct sequence.  This is a prerequisite to alphabetizing words.

2.  Begin teaching alphabetical order by sequencing a random group of letters on a pocket chart.  The next step is to alphabetize small groups of words (5 or 6 words) with each word beginning with a different letter.  Attempting to teach alphabetical order to the second or third letter at the onset is a recipe for failure!

3.  A student alphabet chart should be available as a reference when children are beginning to alphabetize.  These can be through desk name plates or printable worksheets.  These need to be on their own desks.  Requiring students to refer to the classroom chart that is posted across one of your walls may be visually challenging for some students.

4.  Reinforce the idea of alphabetizing by the first letter of each word by having students highlight the first letter in the words that are to be alphabetized.

5.  It's no fun to alphabetize words they can't read!  Make sure that students are alphabetizing words they are capable of reading.  This may require you to create your own word lists for first graders.  It's a good idea to start with words with the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern such as:
fog, lip, wet, can, mug  

6.  Use small chunks of the alphabet for students that are struggling with alphabetical order.  For instance, display the letters:  
F  G  H  I  J  K  L 

Then provide the students with words such as:

get     jam     like     fun     hot

Grab the freebie by clicking the image shown below.

Thank you!

Molly McMahon

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