Monday, May 2, 2016

Secret Sight Word Mats

By Little Achievers
Grades: K to 3

The bundle includes the following five lists of sight words, 220 words:
Pre-Primer Words
Primer Words
First Grade Sight Words
Second Grade Sight Words
Third Grade Sight Words

Secret Sight Word Mats make a great literacy center and are perfect for spelling and reading the word in context.

To set up your literacy center, simply print and laminate the sheets. 
Students write the beginning sound of each picture to find the secret sight word. They then match their sight word with the answer key (provided) and rainbow write the word for more practice.

Each sight word is followed by a simple sentence. The simple sentence on each sight word mat is to help your students read the word in context.
All sight words are numbered and are arranged alphabetically. A picture card is also included for kids to refer.

I've also included a recording sheet. Kids will write the secret sight word on this sheet and write and illustrate the sentence. You may have them write their own sentence using the sight word or copy the sentence from the mat itself.

Here is the link to this BUNDLE.

Best wishes,

Little Achievers

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