Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to School Ready: Getting to Know You Activity and Birthday Bingo BUNDLE

This BUNDLED product is great to get the year off 
to a GREAT start!
(and if you are reading this August 1st or 2nd you will receive an extra savings 
while my shop is on SALE!)
It Includes:

The Getting To Know You Activity is great used with small or large groups! They will make your students feel more comfortable as they learn the similarities and differences we all have! This can also be used as a Graphing Activity by choosing just a few cards, then graphing the children's answers and reviewing the responses.

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The BIRTHDAY BINGO! is a fun activity that your students will look forward to when it is their birthday! This can be played on their actual birthday, or once during the week/month to honor all birthdays for that week or month! For my summer birthday kiddos - we play on their half birthday!
It is a great classroom tradition!
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These products are available for purchase separately by clicking on the links above 


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