Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Giver Vocabulary - Hands-on

The Giver Vocabulary Unit is a hands-on, interactive pack for the novel that can be used with or without interactive notebooks. This is a great addition to any Giver materials you may already have. It includes activities and tasks that are fun for active learners. This unit also comes with quizzes, answer keys, and an editable file for the quizzes in case you wish to make changes. The 3 quizzes also come in 2 versions each to deter cheaters.

Chapter 1 - template for 5 words along with writing.
Chapters 3-4 - instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 5-6 - template for 8 words
Review competitions in the form of a puzzle for chapters 1-6
Quiz on chapters 1-6 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.

Chapters 7-8 - Word Posters instructions and rubric - covers 10 words
Chapters 9-10 - Instructions for 5 words.
Chapters 11-12 - Instructions for 3 words
Memory Review game for chapters 7-12- game pieces included
Quiz on chapters 7-12 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions

Chapters 13-14 - Template for 8 words.
Chapters 15-18 - Instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 19-23 - Template for 10 words
Slap It game for to review chapters 13-23 - game cards included
Quiz on chapters 13-23 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.


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