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Daily Reading and Writing Warm-Ups for Grade 5 Beginning of the Year and CCSS Themed

These, cross-curricular, Daily Reading and Writing Warm-Ups are aligned to
Chapin-Pinotti Year
the Common Core State Standards and help to foster the 21st Century higher order thinking skills necessary in today's world. Not your ordinary multiple-choice bell-ringers, but learning tasks designed to engage students and get them thinking.

22- Beginning of the Year Themed Warm-Ups.

These Daily Reading and Writing Warm-Ups are based on the CCSS for 5th Grade, but work well as 6th reinforcement. Perfect as Early Finishers, Bell Ringers, Warm-Ups, Center Work and more.

Table of Contents
Labor Day 5.W.2.0a.1 1
Constitution Day 5.W.2.0a.1 and 5.W.3.0c 2
Fact…Fact…Opinion 5.RI.10 3
August vs. September 5.W.8 4
Frederick Douglass 5.RI.8 5
Jesse James – Quick Write 5.RI.2.1 6
Wonderful Wizard of Oz 5.RL.1 7
From “The Light Princess” by George MacDonald 5.RL.3 8
Similes 5.RL.4.4 9
Simile in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 5.RL.4.4 10
Similes in My Best Friend’s as Sharp as a Pencil 5.RL.4.4 12
Similes: My Own Simile Story: 5.RL.4.3 14
Metaphors 15
Metaphor Quick Write 5.RL.4.3 16
Using Metaphors to Draw Inferences 5.RL.1.2 and 5.RL.4.4 17
Why Do We Use Metaphors? 5.RL.4.4 18
Dorothy From Oz vs. Harry Potter Compare and Contrast 19
Idioms 5.RL.4.2 20
Idioms 5.RL.4.2 21
Adage 5.L.5.0b.2 22
Adages in Literature 5.L.50b.2 23
Explain the Adages 5.L.50b.2 24
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Similes
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti 4569
Chapin-Pinotti 7689

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