Monday, July 10, 2017


This flowchart is perfect for any teacher teaching William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet.  I have used it in my own classroom for years, and I don't know what my students would do without it (in fact, I've even heard that very comment from the mouths of previous pupils).

FYI: The color/quality/resolution of the chart that you will download is of a much higher quality than the smaller, condensed preview image.

This Romeo and Juliet Character Chart / Flowchart is a wonderful tool that you can put into the hands of your students before they begin to read Shakespeare's classic play about love and hate! The flowchart includes all the major characters and their relationships to one another. To make things even more helpful, the character boxes are color coded, indicating to which family each character belongs (red for Montague, blue for Capulet, and green for neither family).

Unlike other paid products in the store for A Teacher's Teacher, this item does not have an editable version, since it is a simple flowchart. Of course, the PDF file could be copied and pasted into a document if you'd like to make further edits.

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