Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Donkey to Market: A Multi-Cultural Tale - w/ Interactive Notebook Pages - Standards Aligned

"A Donkey to Market" is a Multi-Cultural Tale from Cambodia -- based on an Aesop
A Donkey to Market Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
Fable. This Print-n-Go Unit includes the story, standards and 21st Century activity pages and interactive notebook pages. Aligned with the CCSS, the New California Standards and backwards mapped from what students need to know to succeed in high school.

Table of Contents

Page 1 A Donkey to Market – Teacher Instructions
Page 2 A Donkey to Market Story and Student Illustration Pages
Page 12 Questions Along the Way
Page 13 About: A Donkey to Market: In My Opinion
Page 14 Constructed Response Questions
Page 15 Character Analysis
Page 16 A Donkey to Market Math Connections
Page 17 A Donkey to Market My Own Word Problems
Page 18 Grammar – Correct the Errors
Page 19 Character Conflicts
Page 20 Sentence Sorting Assessment
Page 21 Quick Write: Compare and Contrast
Page 22 Social Studies Connections: About Cambodia
Page 23 Story Summary
Page 24 Character Changes
Page 25 Text to Text: Comparing Two Stories
Chapin-Pinotti A Donkey to Market

Page 26 Inferring Character Feelings
Page 27 Cause and Effect
Page 28 Think, Question and Analyze
Page 29 A Donkey to Market Report Card
Page 30 A Donkey to Market Story Review
Page 31 Problem Solution
Page 32 Character Traits: Old Man
Page 33 Character Traits: Son
Page 34 Think Hard: A Donkey to Market
Page 35 The Old Man – What do You Think
Page 36 Problem Solution
Page 37 Stop and Think: Questions for Interactive Notebooks
Page 38 Interactive Notebook: Story Connections
Page 40 Motivation and Evidence
Page 41 Inferring Character Feelings
Page 42 Rubric for All Constructed Response Questions
Page 44 Answers (where applicable)
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti To Market
Chapin-PInotti Illustration

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