Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Silver on the Hearth: A Multi-Cultural Story - w/ Interactive Notebook Pages - Standards Aligned

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
An Aesop's tale interactive unit. First students read and illustrate "The Silver on the Hearth" and then they work on engaging interactive notebook pages, formative assessments and more.
"The Silver on the Hearth" is a folk tale from Afghanistan. This Print-n-Go Unit includes the story, standards and 21st Century activity pages and interactive notebook pages.
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
Common Core State Standards Aligned. Engaging English Literacy. Templates are in black and white for easy printing and sharing with your students. 
Every page is a formative assessment. See to discover how.
Table of Contents

Page 1 Teacher Page
Page 2 Create Your Story Cover
Page 3: Student Template: Story to Read and Color
Page 11: Problem and Solution Interactive Notebook page
Page 12: Character Traits Interactive Notebook page
Page 14 Inference Interactive Notebook page
Page 15: Character Analysis Interactive Notebook page
Page 16: Problem and Solution Interactive Notebook page
Page 17: Stop and Think Analysis Interactive Notebook page
Page 18: About the Story Interactive Notebook page
Page 19: Story Summary Interactive Notebook page
Page 21: Motivation and Evidence
Page 22: Character Conflicts
Page 24: Sentence Sorting (I use this as an assessment as well)
Page 25: Inferring Character Feelings
Page 26: Cause and Effect
Page 27: Summary and Plot
Page 28: Story Critique
Page 29: Constructed Response Rubric

NOTE: All pages can be used as Interactive Notebook Pages
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

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