Sunday, August 6, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Surprise Helpers: QR Cards for Behavior Management”

by Autism Classroom News-Christine Reeve
Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

These are cards that can be drawn from a stack or given to the student. The students scan the code with an iPod or iPad or other smart device with a QR Reader and finds out what their helper job will be.  You can use them as a reinforcer or to assign random helper roles. You can give them out to students or have them pick a card, any card :) .  You will need a smart phone or tablet with a QR reader.  You can get a QR reader for free in your app store.  I used the QR Reader for iPhone and the QR Reader for iPad but there are lots of free apps to choose from. Then you, or the student, just scans the code with the reader and it will tell you what their job is. For ideas about why these might be helpful in your classroom, see my blog post about them at Autism Classroom News

In this set there are:

Get the teacher's mail
Sharpen the pencils
Homework helper—Choose a problem that the teacher gives the answer to the class on the homework
Pass Out Papers
Be the scout for specials—go ahead of the class and tell the specials teacher they are on their way
Class Photographer—take pictures of the class for the teacher
Read a story to the class
Water the plants

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