Monday, August 7, 2017

FREEBIE: The Great Panda Rescue ebook Chapter 3: Novel, SPaG, CCSS, NGSS: Centers, Whole Class and More

FREE 36-page Print-and-Go NGSS/CCSS Fiction/Non-Fiction Reader for grades 3-5. 
The Great Panda Rescue Chapter 3. This is an engaging, differentiated, cross-curricular unit that can be used as a stand alone - or with the other chapter of the novel.
Also check out: The Great Panda Rescue Chapter 1 and The Great Panda Rescue Chapter 2 - both with lessons and Interactive reading pages.
STEM and ELA Standards aligned.

File 1 The Lessons, Experiments and Activities

Page 2: Comprehension Quiz
Page 3: Five Minute Fluency Exercise 4.Ob.1
Page 4: Constructive Response Comprehension Quiz
Page 5: The Great Panda Rescue Chapter 3 – Research Project Scientist in the Field
Page 6: RI.4.1; RI.4.2; RI.9 RF.4.4; SL4.1c; SL.4.5; NGSS: 3-LS1-1, 3-LS2.1
Including 2 Non-Fiction Readings
Page 13: Cloze Reading
Page 14: Making Inferences in Reading RL.1
Page 15: Observations, Inferences and Conclusion RL.10
Page 16: Determining Importance RL.1 and RL.10
Page 17: The Great Panda Rescue Words, Words, Words
Page 18: Central Message and Key Details Interactive Notebook Page RL.2
Page 19: Summarize the Text Template RL.2.1
Page 21: Illustrations RL.7
Page 23: Character Trait Templates RL.3
Page 24: Science Words For Analysis and Word Wall
Page 25: Answers where applicable

File 2 – The Great Panda Rescue Chapter 3 Interactive Reader

This is Chapter 1 of “The Great Panda Rescue” Interactive Reader. This is a perfect NGCC, CCSS, STEM story with ELA and other cross-curricular activates and lessons for each chapter. Lessons include: fluency, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, science, math and more. This chapter is aligned with 3, 4 and 5 New California Standards as well.

Twelve-year-old Claire wants to be a large animal vet when she grows up, but not the typical horse and cow variety. Claire wants to doctor endangered and vulnerable animals – especially giant pandas. Claire gets the thrill of her life when her class takes a field trip to the Randolph Reserve. Not only does she get to see the giant pandas – she and Julia and their group receive the special honor of viewing a set of panda cub twins – only weeks old.

Just when she thinks the day can’t get better, Claire is asked to volunteer at the center for a month that summer. With summer only four weeks away, Claire acts fast. She loves her job; however, she soon discovers that Chenguang, the mother of the cubs, is being sent home to China. A great victory for the Randolph Reserve – as one of their pandas is going back to her natural habitat!
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