Thursday, December 14, 2017

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “All About Penguins Nonfiction Unit”

by Spatial Projects
1st - 3rd Grade

Looking for fun and engaging penguin nonfiction unit activities? This All About Penguins resource has everything you need for an interactive nonfiction unit in your classroom. It includes a penguin craft, a lap book guide, a nonfiction unit booklet, worksheets, answer keys, graphic organizers, and writing activities.

Penguin Nonfiction Booklet
☼ What are penguins?
☼ What do they look like?
☼ Where do they live?
☼ How long do they live?
☼ What do they eat?
☼ What do they do?
☼ How do they grow?
☼ Worksheets
☼ Answer Key
☼ Fun Facts
☼ Recommended Books and Videos
☼ Lapbook Guide
☼ How do penguins recognize each other?
☼ How do penguins stay warm?
☼ Why do penguin chicks have different colors compared to adult penguins?
☼ Open Inquiry: I have a question!
☼ Here’s what I found
☼ Pair and Share: The Best Thing I’ve Learned
☼ Resources

Penguin Craft
☼ Assembly Guide
☼ Colored Patterns
☼ Tracing Patterns

Matching Reading to Writing Booklet
☼ Before Reading
☼ K-W-L
☼ Can, Have, Are
☼ Note-Taking
☼ Identifying the Main Idea and Supporting Details
☼ Comparing and Contrasting
☼ Author’s Purpose
☼ After Reading
☼ Opinion Writing
☼ Expository Writing (Presenting Facts)
☼ Expository Writing (Explaining a Process)
☼ Story Writing
☼ Tracing, Drawing, Coloring
☼ Comic Strip Writing

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