Sunday, August 19, 2018

Calming Strategies for the Classroom

by Kathy Babineau
Grades Pre-K - 3

Keep Calm and have a fantastic school year! Set up a "Calm Down Corner" or "Take a Break Zone" using these helpful visuals!

This kit contains:
Examples of product in use photos
Medium sized square calming strategies pictures (in color and b/w)
Medium sized oval calming strategies pictures (in color and b/w)
“I can Calm Down” social story (in color and b/w)
“Take a break cards” (in color and b/w)
“Break time rules”, "Calm Down Corner" and more mini-posters

To use this kit:
Print, laminate and cut apart the calming strategies pictures (assemble in whatever manner you like – on popsicle sticks, placed in a basket, attached to a ring, etc.) Blank cards are included so you can create some of your own.
Print, laminate and bind or clip together the pages of the colorful social story.
Print as many copies as you wish for the b/w social story (you may choose to have your students color the pages and keep the books for their own reference.
Print, laminate and cut apart the “take a break” cards. You may choose to allow certain students to have a few of these in their desks to use as needed, or perhaps all students have a few cards in their desks, or the cards can be in a central area to be used as needed. This is up to you and your style of classroom management and your students’ needs.
Set up a section of your classroom as a “calm down corner” or “break time zone” (see page 3) Gather other recommended materials not included in this kit.
Print, laminate and hang “Calm Down Corner”, “Break Time Zone”, “Break Time Rules”, “Keep Calm” and “Calming Strategies” mini-posters (chose whichever posters you prefer). A blank “Break Time Rules” poster is included in case you would like to write your own rules.


Kathy Babineau

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