Tuesday, August 21, 2018

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Long Range Plans (Ontario Core French) for DJ DELF Kit”

by TeachingFSL
4th - 8th Grade

These elementary Core French long range plans are ready to print and hand in to your principal, if you are using the DJ DELF kit as a resource in your FSL class in Ontario. Principals, if you have a new hire on your staff who needs support or who is coming in at the last minute, this is a terrific and simple resource to affordably meet all of the Ontario French Curriculum expectations and will provide an overwhelmed teacher with some clear and specific guidance. There are separate sections for grade 4 through grade 8 to allow you to focus on only the junior or intermediate grade levels needed. Diagnostic assessments (Assessment for Learning), Formative (Assessment as Learning) and summative (Assessment of Learning) is all mapped out, with scaffolding and following the zone of proximal development in mind, along with links to relevant parts of the DJ DELF web site, which you can access with the password you received along with your kit, and other supporting materials.

If you prefer to use other Life Aspects during the year, just use these plans to spark your imagination and as a model to lay out whichever aspects you are excited to deliver to your students. Teachers all know that Long Range Planning takes some serious concentration and a big chunk of time, so if you find these at all helpful, I’d love a comment on this freebie as a way of showing your appreciation!

For any suggestions or questions, please email me (address is within the package) or use the Q&A feature below. Follow me for information on new products by clicking the green star above or click here.

Mme Aiello
Teaching FSL

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