Thursday, August 2, 2018

💕Sentence Starters!💕

Hello Teachers!

This is a great product to get you started! starters provide a low-stress way for young writers to practice writing complete sentences. Our sentence starters are open-ended requiring your students to use higher order thinking skills while practicing their writing.  Provide your students the opportunities to write creatively with 50 Back to School Sentence Starters.

This great ELA unit has 50 great back to school sentence starters to get your students writing. You can learn about your students as they complete these open ended writing pieces. Let your students pick the sentence starter that will get them engaged in writing or choose one for the whole class.

Each sentence starter is printed on an individual card and on lined paper.

Simply copy, cut, and write!

We have included black lines for the following:
sentence starter word wall cards
individual lined papers for each sentence starter.

In addition, our activities and ideas provide fun and interest so your students learn through hands-on experiences. No more searching for writing prompts or sentence starters. This unit is ready to go to work for you!

Click here to purchase at our Fun To Teach store at TPT!

Have fun and Happy Teaching!

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