Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We Teach So Hard...Episode #6...Building Relationships 101


In this latest episode of WE TEACH SO HARD, we explore ways to build relationships with parents and students and share some humor along the way. Give it a listen for some tips and tricks to make your start to the school year smooth one.

I had to miss recording this podcast so I wanna share some advice from my many years, on the front lines, as a middle school teacher.  The kids are a different breed, pubescent, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful to teach, great sense of humor, with one foot in childhood and the other in adolescence. Once those hormones take over, teaching them becomes more of a challenge.
  • Have morning meetings, many children come from conflicted homes and just need time to get things off their chests.
  • Once they're able to say what's on their minds, most will be able to get to work.
  • Talk to them, be humanistic, use humor and be able to laugh at yourself, if you make mistake admit to it, they'll realize everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok.
  • Find the time to talk to them. It will help you understand what makes them tick. I spent time during home room chatting with each student. It means the world to them and they’ll remember you for it.
  • Keep in contact with parents, let them know that you truly care for their child, and are there for them. #halfthebattleiswon
  • Be  yourself when speaking with parents, joke with them, it breaks the ice. Let them see your true personality as well as your humanity.
  • This is a biggee!!! If you have something negative to say about Johnny, begin with the positive and end with a positive. It’ll make parents feel a little better and they'll respect what you have to say much more. Best of all, you’ll be working as a team for the betterment of their child.
  • When you need help with something, ask the parents, they’ll be there with bells on. When my students wrote and performed Greek plays, parents helped with costumes/scenery. annnd of course loved seeing their child’s performance.
  • If a parent gets angry and says something you don't like, don't react with anger. Take a deep breath, answer calmly and honestly.  I know, I know, sometimes you just wanna use some 4 letter words and tell them off, but don’t do it!
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