Saturday, October 13, 2018

Curious About Ice Age

By Sparking Children’s Thinkibility
Grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Homeschool

I hope you are ready to dive into the fascinating times on Earth when ice sheets and glacier ice expanded to cover large areas of land. There have been several ice ages when the ice on the polar caps expanded due to an overall lowering of the Earth’s temperatures. This booklet helps students to explore what the Earth looked during the latest ice age.

Young children should be encouraged to be curious and to ask questions. Noticing things and be allowed to ponder help them to develop their understanding of history. By challenging their thinking, they recognise that even simple questions can be answered in different ways. The principal focus of creative learning during the early years is to enable students to ask questions, explore options and generate ideas. Creative learning involves to imaginatively make new and innovative connections.

 Link to Curious About Ice Age

Introduction - What we know and what we want to know
Two posters Ice Age and Ice Age Animals, color and black and white versions
1. What I know about the Ice Age
2. Ways to find out about the Ice Age
3. What is a Ice Age?
4. Facts about the Ice Age
5. Why does the ice age happen?
6. Ask the Ice Age Hunter questions about the Ice Age.
7. Ice Age Hunter vs Me
8. What if you could travel back in time?
9. Compare and Contrast – Glacial and Interglacial
10. Tricky but cool words
11. My Gallery of Ice Age Animals - Mammoth
12. My Gallery of Ice Age Animals
13. Fossil Frenzy What if I found a bone?
14. Story writing prompt
15. How do we know mammoths existed?
16. Digging for bones
17. Ice age animal or not an ice age animal - What do you think?
18. Ice Age Art – What did they look like?
19. Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth
20. Story writing planning - Ice Age Mystery
21. Write and Ice Age Mystery
22. What if story writing prompt
23. Shape poem
24. Mind mapping
25. Some interesting things that I have learned
26. Cave art example

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