Friday, October 12, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Comprehension & Writing Activity - Taking a Break”

by Connie
5th - 12th Grade

Language Arts Activity -"Taking a Break"

This free activity is great for an end of the year recap to assess Middle and High School students' comprehension, understanding, and analytic skills of the material that they read, or for any time during the year prior to a vacation. 

For this activity, students are going on a dream vacation. To keep them company on this trip, they ask three characters from books that they have read for school assignments that year to go on the trip with them. Who will they take? Why them? Where will they go? How will these people help them have a perfect trip? They are to answer these questions as they relate vacation plans.

This Middle and High School Language Arts Lesson Plan offers students another opportunity to show their understanding of character.

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Enjoy a Teach It Now Day,

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