Monday, April 29, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Mother's Day Power Point Creative Writing Project”

by Ms Lendahand of Lendahand's Printables
Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

This Mother's Day Power Point Creative Writing Project features 14 different choices of slides from which to creative a Mother's Day keepsake.
You may choose to place these online for parents to read (which then allows the parent to save the keepsake to their phone and print at their own discretion and/or simply send the JPEG file directly to the parent.)
Just a couple of pointers:
You are going to need to poll your students as to how each of them addresses their MOM. My students and I had fun making a graph of everyone’s responses.
Next you need to duplicate a slide with the appropriate Mother’s Day title and in the part where it lists STUDENT'S NAME type their name.
This year I also typed in each child's responses. I did not make any corrections of their phonetic spellings. All responses were typed as the student had written them. {Next year I will begin this project earlier and my students will type in their own responses.}
If you would like to see my students’ Mother’s Day Creative Writing to give you a sample idea of what a completed project may look like, the link is:
I also added a picture to each child's creative writing page to make it more meaningful to the parent.
This particular font that I used is called KG ALWAYS A GOOD TIME and you can get it for free at:
I hope you enjoy this little project! My student's loved it and so did my parents. I enjoyed it because it was much less expensive on my pocketbook and I also felt like it was more meaningful to the parent than some of the projects we had completed in past years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment in the Question and Answer Section of my TpT Shoppe.
Also, I have uploaded the Power Point file in PDF format so that you may see what the actual font should look like if you choose to upload the font I suggested. Of course, please use any font you would like. There are lots of free fonts available online for your use.
If you are not a lower primary grade teacher, you may want to change the creative writing to better suit your students' creative writing purposes. Of course, your students may want to do something completely different with the slide and that is permissible.
Hugs and happiness to you!
Michelle Lenahan
©Lendahand's Printables, 2016
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