Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Following Directions Cut and Paste House Theme

by Kathy Babineau
Grades Pre-k - 3

Enjoy this versatile "House themed" Following Directions activity with your students. Use the black and white version of this product for a simple print and go activity for your students. Use the colorful version of this product to print, laminate and prepare file folder activities for your students. Directions for each page contain thematic vocabulary and spatial concept terms including "on top", "next to", "under", "left", "right", "close to" and more.
Contents and Directions
•10 house themed colorful picture scenes with small coordinating pictures and directions. (backyard, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, doghouse, front yard, kitchen, laundry room, living room, school/play room)
•Black and white matching pages provided for an easy print and go option.
To use the black and white version of this product, simply print the picture scene pages and corresponding picture/direction pages and go. Students can work independently cut apart pictures, read directions and glue on corresponding picture scenes. Dashed lines are provided, but I find it is helpful to cut in closer to smaller pictures for better placement on the paper. Provide assistance as needed with reading and/or cutting for students who may need it.
To use the colorful version of this product, simply print the picture scene pages and corresponding picture/directions pages and go just as instructed above for the black and white pages. Then laminate and cut apart small pictures and directions and assemble on file folders using Velcro, or attach using rings, or keep pieces loose and organized in envelopes.
Kathy Babineau

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