Friday, January 24, 2020

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “House on Mango Street Freebie Sampler Sandra Cisneros Common Core”

by James Whitaker
6th - 12th Grade

The House on Mango Street:
Freebie Sampler

Product/Materials Preface [Grades 6-12]

If you enjoy this freebie I highly recommend purchasing my complete Novel Study for The House on Mango Street (215+ Pages)—Click the Link Below:

House on Mango Street Novel Study

Freebie Includes:

4-5: ELA: Literature Topics Planner
6: The House on Mango Street Introductory Information
7: HOMS Character List
8: HOMS Literary Element Introduction
9: Vignette List
10: In-Depth Vignette Synopsis and Title Analysis Writing Template
11: Coming of Age Mini-Lesson Handout
12: High Order Thinking Literary Element Review Handout
13: Allusions in the HOMS Mini-Lesson and List
14: Essay Culminating Essay Prompts
15-16: Culminating Essay Writing Template
17: Dualistic Themes GO – Teacher Modeled (Great for Close Reading)
18: Esperanza’s Self-Image GO
19: Esperanza’s Encounters with Death GO
20: Analyzing Symbols and Motifs GO
21: Symbolism Tri-Fold
22: Abstract Concepts > Basis of Universal Theme Word List
23: 7 Short Response High Order Thinking Questions (Not Including in the 215 Novel Study Resource)

Experience teaching The House on Mango Street like you have never done before! My original Novel Study will be your greatest investment of its kind. It is by far the most extensive, rigorous—flat out greatest unit resource on TpT for teaching The House on Mango Street! There are enough materials here to teach this story every day of the year and always have something valuable to impart upon your students. My novel Study provides highly detailed and sophisticated Mini-Lessons, Graphic Organizers, Writing Prompts and Templates for Sandra Cisneros succinct, but definitely not simple, novel. Experience The House on Mango Street like you’ve never experienced it before!

My Novel Study provides endless ideas and multiple points of entry for your lessons. Easily scaffold your lessons and differentiate your instruction to meet your students’ varied needs. Whether you’re teaching basic word study and figurative techniques or trying to grapple more mature topics such as Coming of Age, Analyzing and Evaluating Symbols and Motifs, Determining Dualistic Universal Themes of Human Nature and Society, you will have more than enough resources at your disposal.

Remember the words are simple but the concepts and themes are mature enough for the novel to be studied in advanced English College Courses! This is the most versatile novel I’ve come across in my own schooling and teaching experience. It’s definitely a new classic!

Thank you in advanced for your Patronage!

**This unit resource also works well with Upper Grade SpEd and ELL students with a focus on Conflict, Symbolism, and Theme. The words are easy to read but the content is very rich!**

Please feel free to ask any questions—I will definitely respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

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Hopefully my products will help strengthen your lessons, help your students learn, and make your life easier. Thank you and enjoy! J.D. Whitaker

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