Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Silly Icebreaker Questions for Social Skills and Conversation

by Kathy Babineau
Grades 2-6

This easy to use, super low prep question set is versatile and great to use to work on conversational skills, turn taking, respectful listening, giving reasons for opinions, learning how to agree to disagree and more.
I like to use these questions to focus on conversational turn-taking and social skills with my students in 1:1 sessions with me and in small group activities. Many of my students have difficulty showing interest when others are speaking, using conversational fillers, taking turns in conversation, asking follow-up questions, maintaining topic, and learning how to respectfully listen to others who may have a different opinion. These questions, were originally designed for addressing these social skills, however, this product is versatile and can also be used as simple conversational icebreaker questions for small group and classroom use. These are also great for simple writing assignments or journal prompts.
  • 40 Silly Icebreaker questions in color format (b/w easy print option also provided)
  • To prepare this product for use, simply print either the color or B/W version of the cards, cut apart, and laminate if desired.
Kathy Babineau MS, CCC-SLP

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