Friday, March 6, 2020

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Calculating Newton’s 2nd Law Variables by Graphing Vectors”

by The Science Vault
9th - 12th Grade

This three-page worksheet asks students to calculate net force and then use Newton's 2nd Law of Motion to calculate acceleration or mass. There is also a place for students to then draw the vectors to scale to make the connection between calculating net force using trig functions and calculating net force graphically.
The first three problems deal with all forces due north or due west, etc whereas the rest of the problems take it up a notch and give students force vectors that are 20 degrees north of west (as an example) so that they will have to treat each vector as the hypotenuse of its own right triangle and then add up the components together.
I currently use this sheet with my Honors 9th-grade physics class (they have all had a bit of trig already), but I have also used it in the past as a first or second worksheet on vectors and Newton's Laws for 11th or 12th graders taking their first year of physics.
Answer key is included.
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