Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ideas to Keep You Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I am now finding new ways to do things during the coronavirus pandemic for the simple reason that if my husband gets COVID-19, I am the only person to take care of him and if I get sick, my sweetheart will be the only person who can take care of me.  If we both get sick, then we will both be in big trouble...

So here are some ideas that I have thought about to try and help us not spread the virus to each other.  Some of you may think I am going a little too far, but as they say, in an abundance of caution, I would rather do these things than not do it during the coronavirus pandemic…

  • I have added a basket of washcloths in our bathroom so that my husband and I will use a washcloth once and then put it in a container by our trashcan.  I use washcloths instead of hand towels because it takes up less space in the washing machine.  There is a similar basket in my kitchen for our dish towels.
  • I have put ties on the refrigerator and freezer door handles.  My husband opens the doors the usual way with the handles and I open the doors with the ties.  
  • If we ever go out of the house, we put on our “go out” shoes and then leave them by the door when we return.  We then put on our “stay in” shoes or slippers when we are inside of the house.  
  • I wear a mask every time I go outside and put it directly into the washing machine or laundry hamper when I return home.  
  • I wear glasses whenever I am awake so that I will not get the coronavirus inadvertently by touching my eyes.
  • We use separate toiletries such as our own toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • At night, I go through the house spraying all of the doorknobs, sinks, toilets, trash cans, laundry hamper, etc. so that we start fresh for the new day.
  • We are fortunate to have double sinks in our bathroom, so my husband washes his hands in the left sink and I use the right sink.  
  • My husband stays in our bedroom and I am in the guest bedroom.  (Some of you may think this is extreme, though I would rather socially separate myself from my sweetheart for a few weeks than be physically separated from him forever if one of us were to die from the coronavirus...)  
Do you have an idea or ideas that may also help others during this pandemic?  If so, please add it to the comments section.  If you are a seller-author at Teachers Pay Teachers, you may also add a link to one of your products which may help all of the parents who are trying to teach their children now that so many schools are closed.  You may post your ideas in the comments section at my blog at and/or my Facebook page at

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert on the coronavirus, but I would rather tell you all of the ways that I am trying to safeguard my family than not write this post.  I am also allowing others to share the ways that they have changed their habits at home during the pandemic even though they may not be experts in the medical field.  I am just hoping that you may get one or more practical ideas that you may use to stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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Sending prayers from California,
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  1. Check Snopes re: Avoid the use of Advil/ Ibuprofen. The jury is out on this. It remain unproven BUT.... Some experts warn against using it because it is an anti-inflammatory. If you get a virus you need the chemicals you create in your own body to fight inflammation. They advise using something like Tylenol / acetaminophen. Have you got a bottle on hand? Suggestion: Be informed. Read about it on Snopes to make your own decision.

    1. Thanks Primarily Learning for taking the time to write your post! You are the second person I had heard this latest warning. Can you send us a link so that we may read more about it?

  2. Hi everyone,

    Please take the time to watch this video and it will show you how to bring your groceries and take-out food into your home safely. There are sooo many great ideas. Please SHARE the link with your loved ones and you may save a life. Click on for the video.

  3. @JenniTimmons sent her ideas...
    When going out for essential business - We wear a mask and gloves when we go to the store. We carry a little spray bottle of 75% alcohol and spray it on our hands and shopping carts. After returning home, we throw our clothes in the wash and take a bath and wash our hair. Jenni also shared a great chart which shows how to wear a face properly, wash hands correctly, and a recipe to disinfect things with bleach at

  4. Ellen Liao said to also check your body temp twice a day. If it’s over 99, take fever reducer right away and call your dr.

  5. Thanks Ellen Liao for taking the time to write this post...

    COVID19 has many symptoms..
    Fever ( usually don’t spike until 3 to 5 days )
    Cough : not always
    Sore throat not always intense
    Pinkish eye ( allergy like )could be a YES!
    Poo poo butt yes !
    Extremely tired yes
    So the basic rule is :
    If you have one or two or 3 , please take medication right away to ease the symptoms and if got worse u have to contact ur dr request a test . If you have symptoms : isolate urself form your family ( own room / own bathroom / never share food / wear mask at home ) YES! I made Jenni Timmons wear mask when she had cough and zzz other place .
    Ppl : please don’t tell others it’s not a big deal ‘ I always have allergy . Well ‘ since USA did not have enough test kit for all .. let’s think everyone has it and do our best to protect ourself that will protect our love ones .
    Young people : well ! If your are overweight , asthma,type 2 or other Medical issue .. you aren’t any better vs so call elder ppl .

  6. Disposable gloves are getting used a LOT! We roll our garbage out to the curb wearing disposable gloves. We play cards wearing disposable gloves. We get our mail and sort through/read it wearing disposable gloves.At first I couldn't find these kinds of gloves, so I used whatever ones I had around the house...winter gloves, gloves for moisturizing hands, etc. I threw them in the laundry almost constantly. Boy, was I glad to find those disposables!I also sewed face masks for ourselves and as donations for Joanne Fabrics campaign to make and provide health care workers with some badly needed supplies.

    1. Thanks Margo for sewing face masks for our health care workers!

  7. I LOVE this idea! Here is a very encouraging and helpful video on how not to infect yourself with COVID-19 from a doctor...

    Here are a couple of other things my family and I have been doing to keep our mindset is healthy...
    *Trying be careful, not fearful.
    *Practicing "Physical Distancing" not "Social Distancing".
    *Social distancing does not mean social disconnecting.

    As educators, I believe it is important that we help our students navigate through this situation. I created a comprehensive distance learning coronavirus unit study to help students learn the basics of COVID-19 as well as to attempt to alleviate any fears and concerns they might have. If you are interested in this resource, please visit:

    Stay safe and heathy,
    IHMG Creations

  8. Hi Charles, Thanks for sharing a great video and creating a much needed coronavirus unit. Stay safe and healthy, Vicky. P.S. I am adding a new idea to my list because I watched the video... I will now wear glasses whenever I am awake so that I will no longer inadvertently rub my eyes and get COVID-19. Thanks for possibly saving my life and the lives of others by doing such a simple thing...