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100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas By Teacher Talk


Enjoy 100+ free lessons and teaching ideas from members of Teacher Talk who are a part of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.

Teacher Talk members write educational blog posts throughout the year. This free eBook contains all of the links to their 2019 Teacher Talk blog posts. It also has links to thousands of other free lessons that you may use in your classroom.


January Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • How To Respond to Incorrect Answers
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • How Do Velcro Dots Help to Regulate Behavior
  • Success Begins with Baby Steps
  • Goal Setting for the New Year: One Word
  • Tried & True Bookmaking: Poof Book
  • Be My Valentine Treats
  • 5 Easy Ways to Implement Differentiation Into Your Classroom
  • THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF ZERO, The Exponent - Why Any Number to the Zero Power Equals One
  • Hook Your Students in Writing
  • Roses are Red: Using Poetry in Reader's Workshop

February Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Black History Month Celebration
  • Writing with Colors
  • Have I Ever Told You?
  • Ya Gotta Love Field Trips or Not!
  • Put Your Heads Together to Brainstorm
  • How to Choose Between Eager of Anxious
  • Design a Monster: A Makerspace Activity
  • Is Dyslexia a Gift?
  • 3 Questions to Get You Through Teacher Evaluation Season
  • Valentine's Day Help
  • Tried & True Bookmaking: Pop-Up Book
  • Valentine Tabletop Decoration Gift for the Family
  • Differentiation in the Classroom

March Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Women’s History Month: Great Read Alouds
  • Classroom Seating Arrangements for Grades 4-8
  • Watermelon Subtraction
  • Slope for Vertical and Horizontal Lines
  • Striving & Thriving: Remembering Purpose in the Reading Classroom
  • Today We Are Leprechauns
  • Building Student Empowerment
  • The Thief of Joy
  • Advice From The Coach
  • 6 Confusing Words to Master
  • A Stranger in a Strange Classroom It’s Standardized Testing Time

April Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Spring Activities
  • Music to Calm the Soul and Enhance Learning
  • The Elephant in the Classroom
  • Scaredy Squirrel - Mentor Text
  • I Feel Bad for People Who Say They Feel Badly
  • Make Mistakes on Purpose
  • Exploring Patterns With Project-Based Learning: Rotations, Reflections & Translations
  • 7 Tips to Help Students Revise Their Essay
  • Whole Body Learning
  • How to Start Book Clubs in Your Classroom
  • Test Taking Tips

May Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Rejoice, the Last Day of School Has Arrived
  • Slide Into Summer
  • Review Activities
  • 7 Tips to Help Students Edit their Essay
  • Mining for Gold Gets Even Better
  • America the Beautiful
  • Activities for the End of the School Year
  • Wrapping Up the School Year
  • The "Lure" of Fish - The Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium in Your Classroom
  • Citizen Scientists Ready For Summer
  • Preparing for Book Clubs: Tips for Success

August Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Math Games: Observing Your Students Makes Back-to-School a Breeze!
  • Is summer vacation over already?
  • Developing Powerful, Enthusiastic Readers
  • 5 Meaningful No-Prep Activities for the First Week of School
  • Free Video to Teach Prepositional Phrases
  • How Morning Meeting Can Become a Sacred Space
  • Recommended Reading Board
  • This is the Time to Start Your Year Off Right With an Amazing Close Reading Lesson
  • Developing and Writing Effective Lesson Plans for Math
  • Ease New School Year Teacher Anxiety
  • Using Math Centers in the Upper Elementary Classroom
  • “Warm Up” with ALphabet Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Why I Still Use Reading Logs

September Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • The Left Angle Mystery
  • Never Give Up... Persevere!
  • Using the Arts to Teach Perseverance
  • 3 Tried & True Games to Teach Place Value & Rounding
  • Boom Cards Are an Exciting New Way to Learn
  • Classroom Routines that Create a Productive Classroom Environment
  • A Cheer For Spelling
  • 5 Steps to Creative Classroom Projects
  • New Job = New Lens
  • Teaching Perseverance: Powerful Books to Change a Student's Mindset

October Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Independent Reading Success in the Classroom
  • Bullying No Way!
  • Fall into Figurative Language
  • Pause...In the Neighborhood
  • Real World Math
  • Bullyproof Your Kids for Life
  • Surprise!
  • Stand Up to Bullying 
  • The Empathy Project Update: Explorations into Empathy, Part 2

November Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Meaningful Activities to Do Before Winter Break
  • Gentle Rebellion 101: A Teaching Story
  • The Superintendent's Tears
  • Supporting Reluctant Writers
  • Five Tips for Your Native American Lessons
  • The Value of Learning About Number Lines
  • Looking Deeper at Craft and Structure in the Common Core
  • Enough
  • Empathy and Digital Citizenship
  • For the Love of Bookmaking

December Teacher Talk Blog Posts

  • Holiday Edition: Virtual Progressive Dinner
  • Finding Success on Challenging Teaching Days
  • Reducing Holiday Stress
  • Cocktail, Book and Entree
  • One Gift
  • Cherish the Holiday Memories

Teacher Talk Featured Authors

  • Sally Hansen of Purposeful Plans
  • Charlene Tess

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