Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Picture Book Units with Great Picture Books


Picture Book Units with Great Picture Books

It's stressful for all of us to be absent.  It takes so much time to plan for the day.  I took the guesswork out of being absent.  Just leave copies of the picture book unit along with the picture book and you are ready!  If you just need an easy unit to implement, you can use it for that too!

Here are some of the units available in my store:

Have you read this amazing book celebrating diversity and encouraging kids to be brave? The Day You Begin is Jacqueline Woodsen's and Rafael Lopez' latest collaboration. The text is lyrical and the illustrations just beautiful!

Have you read Danza!? It's a great book by Duncan Tonatiuh about Amalia Hernandez. Amalia Hernandez is the founder of ballet Folklorico and the world-renown Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. Get it for your classroom library today!

Learn how Sylvia Mendez and her parents helped end segregation in California! This was 10 years before Brown vs. The Board of Education.

Frida Kahlo- That beautiful Mexican artist know for her bold self portraits and honest depictions. Get to know Frida!

Have you read this lyrical book? Last Stop on Market Street will help you see the beauty in your own community.

I hope these units are helpful to you!


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