Saturday, February 20, 2021

Coding with the Littles


Coding with the Littles

Have you done coding with your littles?  I'm currently doing Scratch Jr. with my Kindergartners and they are loving it.

What is Scratch Jr.?
It's a programming language that lets kids ages 5-7 create stories and games.  Kids use blocks to create the code on their iPads.

On the left is where you add sprites (or characters).  You can edit the sprites using the paint tool.  On the right, that's where you see the backgrounds.

The coding is done with blocks.  Kids just add a triggering block, some code and an end block.  They just drag the blocks to the bottom.  These are all the blocks they have access to.

I create my lessons in Google slides.  I use my bitmoji classroom template.  I start with an inclusion activity.  Then I introduce the new blocks we will be using that day.  I have a slide that shows the task for the day.  The last slide is always "Let's Play."

Some tasks I've given the kids:
  • Animate your name
  • Be a magician: make it appear and disappear
  • The great race
  • Make it talk
  • Sunrise or Moonrise
  • Make a collage
Hope this has given you the bug to get your Scratch on!  Let's get Scratchy!  Scratchy Jr., that is.

If you would like to see a whole lesson, find it in my TPT store!


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