Friday, February 5, 2021

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Differentiated Spelling Words and Letter for Parents - One Week Freebie”

by Teacher Addict
2nd - 5th Grade

Differentiated spelling lists are important in all classrooms! This resource is one week of spelling at three different levels to meet all of your students' needs.

I have overhauled the look of this product and added components to be more versatile in the classroom!

This product includes:

•Teacher notes on how to use this product

•3 truly differentiated word lists for the given pattern - with 10 words (groups 1 and 2 share 5 words; group 3 is to challenge your super spellers) This will allow you to focus on one pattern at a time while still differentiating for the kids in your classroom!

•(Full page) Detailed explanation for the different pattern - great to send home to parents!

•(Half page) Detailed explanation for the different pattern - great to put in student notebooks and/or to save paper

•Word lists on strips, so you have more versatility

•(Full page) Word Sorts – perfect for students physically sorting words or to use the individual cards in generic spelling games. (presorted into correct columns)

•(Half page) Word Sorts – perfect for student notebooks or to use less paper (presorted into correct columns)

•DIGITAL Sorts for each level in this pattern

•Pre/post tests - I made two versions for each in case you integrate high-frequency words. If you need more or less, you can always edit it in the editable version.

•Teacher spelling assessment call out sheet - all three levels to easily and quickly assess all students at once (explanation in product on how this won't take more time than a typical spelling test)

The three levels for these words are ideal for second to fifth grade although there won't be many second graders ready for level 3. First grade could easily use the first two levels for differentiation purposes, and older grades could easily use the last two levels for differentiation purposes.

Paid products come with an editable version.

*Please look through the free preview to really get an idea of what the product looks like.


Whole Year Spelling

1st Quarter Spelling

2nd Quarter Spelling

3rd Quarter Spelling

4th Quarter Spelling

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