Monday, October 10, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Idiom Speech Therapy for Mixed Groups with Articulation Goals Free Set”

by Mrs H's Speech Therapy Room
7th - 10th Grade

These are great for mixed groups!! Teaching idioms in speech therapy while also working on speech sound articulation is such a great idea! Abstract and figurative language speech therapy goals are important for students in language therapy or ESL or ELL classes. These sound infused idiom exercises kill 2 birds with one stone ( little idiom fun there). This free set has 20 different idioms mixed into sentences loaded with -ing words. Each of the exercise pages has 10 original sound infused idiom sentences as well as a matching section for students to use to help identify the meaning of the idiom.

The full sized sets each have 70 idioms per phomeme set !! Check out the money saving bundle available here!!!

I encourage my students to highlight the words with their sounds in them and then read the sentences out loud while discussing each idiom and it's meaning. Students are also asked to match the idiom to the meaning.

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For Themed Idiom Practice that coordinates with holidays and seasons check out this giant bundle!

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