Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Language Arts Activity - "Write Right! Time for Spring Cleaning"

by- Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12
Activity: Write Right! Time for Spring Cleaning cover
Although winter is hanging tough in many parts of the country causing many of us to abandon our Spring fantasies, we can still start students on a writing Spring cleaning spree. The lessons in Activity: Write Right! Time for Spring Cleaning show students how to spring clean their writing homes. This posting offers a trio of activities with each one focusing  on a different aspect of writing:
  1. Writing Hang-Ups
  2. Airing Out Musty Memories, and
  3. Making Sense out of Scents
Although each undertaking seems like a separate entity from the others, it is not. Students need to expel the roadblocks that stymie their chances for writing success before they can mine their hearts and minds for ideas where they can incorporate sensory imagery.

In the first activity, Writing Hang-Ups, students will identify three fears that keep them from being successful writers and will brainstorm solutions for them.
Writing Hang-Ups activity
For the second printable, Airing Out Musty Memories, students will take a trip down Memory Lane to dig out some workable writing ideas. They will sketch the floor plan of their first house and then focus on one particular room that they will decorate and furnish.

Finally, they will explore one of the least used senses - the sense of smell - with Making Sense out of Scents. In this mental exercise, they will concentrate on turning scents into visual word pictures with olfactory nuances.
Airing Out Musty Memories activityMaking Sense out of Scents activity
These Common Core and Bloom's Taxonomy aligned activities may be taught individually or as a unit.The key is that students will use them to sweep away the cobwebs that clog their creative endeavors. For complete details and explanations check out my blog:

Not only will these Spring Cleaning activities enable students to strengthen their writing skills, but they will lure them into opening their mental creative doors and unleashing their pent-up imaginations. Download this activity trio from http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Activity-Write-Right-Time-for-Spring-Cleaning-656412

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