Monday, March 10, 2014

Language Arts Writing - "Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy"

By: Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy cover
Teaching young people how to think, and how to express their thoughts in writing is essential for every student. This product focuses on the parts of essay writing so when it is time for students to write an expository piece they are prepared to create a focused and supported composition. Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy is a tremendous tool when teachers of students in grades 6-12 are preparing their children for state tests or for meeting state standards.

Writing has always been a major focus in my classes, second only to teaching students to think.  Because of this, I have created a number of information sheets that summarize how I teach writing.  Students are always to bring them to class as we often refer to them with the Daily Openers/ Writing Warm-ups and they are essential on writing days.

For students just starting to follow the proper essay format, this product will help them to understand the parts of an essay so they can create a focused and supported piece. Handouts included in this offering are:

  • Analytic Writing Made Easy – The Parts of an Essay
  •  Essay Development Handout
  • Prewriting -Essay Outline
  • Essay Format
  • Format for Correcting Essays*
  • Symbols for Grading Analytical Compositions (These are my own, not a standardized version)
  • Self-Assessment Sheet
  • Analytic Essay Grade Sheet (Rubric)

Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy Parts of an Essay 1
Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy Parts of an Essay 2
Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy Self Assessment Sheet

      Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy Grading Rubric

* Format for Correcting Essays: This activity appeals to students because they earn extra points to add to an essay grade; I love it because they are learning how to analyze their personal writing weaknesses as well as how to strengthen them. What a win-win for all of us" 

After you introduced this writing format plan, require students to refer to it any time a writing assignment is required. Write Right! Will become an integral part of their learning how to write right, and of your teaching repertoire.

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