Friday, April 1, 2016

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Science, Biology: Bacteria (Fun, Common Core, Arts and Crafts; 64 Pages)”

5th - 12th Grade

SCIENCE, BIOLOGY: BACTERIA (FUN, COMMON CORE, ARTS AND CRAFTS; SUMMER SALE) starts with a reading section on Bacteria which is in English and also Spanish, then also has:

A Guided Composition regarding bacteria (English and Spanish, 1 page);

Common Core: Informational Text: shows how ELAS.R.IT, numbers 1-10, as synthesized for Grades 5-12, may be applied for this publication’s informational text or that of other informational publications (1 page); 
Fun word search #1 (English and Spanish);
Fun word search #2 (English and Spanish);
Fun word search #3 (English and Spanish);
Fun cryptogram #1 (English and Spanish);
Fun cryptograms #2 (English and Spanish);
A bingo card you can also easily modify for flashcards, trading cards, stickers etc (1 page);
A long highly useful general science vocabulary list which for example can be used for report assignments, to teach science to ESL / ELL students, etc (English and Spanish, 9 pages);
A lot of arts-and-crafts ideas etc (see also “Clip Art” farther below);
A page on enjoyable experiments and projects;
A page on handy, motivational jobs and or careers information;
A Photos Show section with many thoughtfully selected, useful and motivational photos including many kinds of bacteria and early pioneers in the field;
Handy Clipart you can use cut-and-paste to easily, quickly turn into for example for flashcards, trading cards, stickers etc;
Certificate Of Completion {something students and parents like};

Some of the preceding parts are excellent for a Reading Center and a Writing Center. This is packed with enough printables and activities to last for weeks and the price is right! 

Since much though not all of it is in Spanish, those many parts that are will be helpful for ESL students of a Spanish background. 

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