Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mother's Day Pop-Up Cards

by Victoria Leon
Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Mother's Day Pop-Up Cards

Create Mother’s Day cards using nine pop-up templates, thirteen pattern pieces, and six covers.  Mix and match the materials to make a variety of handmade Mother’s Day cards.  

Kindergarten - sixth grade students will be able to use the step-by-step directions and photographs to assemble the pop-up cards.  Pop-Up Card #1 is the easiest to make since it only has one pattern piece.  Pop-Up Card #2 has two pattern pieces.  Pop-Up Card #3 has three or more pattern pieces.  

Copy the pages on construction paper or card stock.  Decorate the pattern pieces and covers with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or drawing chalk.  Glue the pattern pieces to the pop-up templates.  Your students will create an inexpensive DIY Mother’s Day card which will be treasured for a lifetime.  

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