Tuesday, July 30, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Choice Reading: Recommendation Bookmarks”

by Spark Creativity
1st - 12th Grade

These reading bookmarks allow you to guide students through a web of engaging reads. You can fill in several of the suggestion boxes, and encourage students to add their own recommended titles when they check out books from your reading library. 

This way, students won’t struggle as they finish one great book to transition to the next. Instead of losing a month of good reading time poking around in search of their next read, they can easily choose from a list of related suggestions.

If choice reading makes you happy but you just haven't found a way to fit it into your busy content schedule, check out this packet full of the materials I have used to make it a complementary part of my curriculum. My students regularly read a thousand or so pages of free reading a year while we continue with our usual class curriculum. 

Independent Reading Program: Complete Packet

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