Thursday, August 19, 2021

Place Value to the Millions Worksheets | Digital and Printable

Are you looking for an easy-to-use resource to help your students practice place value in a variety of ways to the millions? These 20 worksheets and digital worksheets were designed to help work on this skill! Maybe you need both printable and digital options to reach all your students. There is an answer key for easy grading. With this purchase you will have access to both a printable and digital version.

This product features 2 options:

1. Printable pdf file with answer keys

2. Digital file using the Easel Activities tool

The Easel Activities tool allows you to assign activities directly to your students using Google Classroom. Once the student accesses the link through Google Classroom, they will complete, turn in, and receive your feedback on the TpT platform.

Here's what is included:

✔Table of Contents ( 2 pages)

✔Cover page for students to color if you'd like for them to make a packet for their work (1 page)

✔Place Value Vocabulary (1 page)

✔Value vs Place Value page ( 1 page with answer key)

✔2 Pages : Hundreds, Tens, Ones (with answer keys)

✔2 Pages: Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones ( with answer keys)

✔2 Pages : Place Value to the Millions

✔Homework Page on Reading 4 and 5-Digit Numbers

✔Homework Page on Reading 6 and 7-Digit Numbers

✔Follow Directions Place Value to the ten-thousands (1 page with answer key)

✔Dot to Dot page to the thousands (1 page with answer key)

✔Practice to the hundreds (1 page with answer key)

✔Odd and even practice to ten-thousands (1 page with answer key)

✔Roll the Dice practice game to the hundreds place ( 1 page)

✔Which is Larger? Partner Game to hundreds place ( 1 page)

✔Which is Smaller? Partner Game to hundreds place ( 1 page)

✔Tens and Ones with expanded form ( 1 page with answer key)

✔Match It up to millions ( 1 page with answer key)

✔Chart practice to thousands ( 1 page with answer key)

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These activities would work for third graders, high achieving second graders or fourth graders who could use some review!


Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:

✿ early finishers

✿ tutoring

✿ sub tubs

✿ math stations/centers

✿ holiday work

✿ small group

✿ end of unit quick assessments

✿ homework

✿ reinforcement

✿ enrichment


★★★What teachers are saying about this resource:

✎"Great activities to challenge some of my 2nd graders! Thanks!" Rach

✎"Great worksheets and activities to reinforce place value!" Casey M.

✎"Great visuals for learning a difficult concept! This is wonderful and provides so many ways to practice. Thank you!" Denise

✎"Nice variety in terms of presentation of the material, and good visual representations! Thanks!"


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