Sunday, August 15, 2021

Team Building Activities for Back to School

 Team Building Activities 

for Back to School

It's been a long time since we've been back to school in person.  Those introverts of ours have become even more introverted during this time.  We need to do activities that help build community.  These are Back to School Team Building Activities to help you out!

Why team-building is important in the classroom?
Find a Friend Who...

In this activity, you have the kids fill out a 3 x 3 sheet.  They fill the boxes in with things like their favorite food, tv show, birth month etc.  Then you give the kids a set amount of time to walk around and add names to the boxes of kids who like the same things.  
They will find they actually have a lot in common with others. 
How do you build teamwork in the classroom?
Word Wranglers

In this activity, students work in teams.  You give students  some random letters (and a few vowels) and see how many words they come up with.  The longer the word, the more points earned!
What is a good team-building activity?
(This one is not in my Back to School Team Building Set)

Comfortable or not?

Using a square of red construction paper, green construction paper and a tongue depressor, have the students make a paddle.  
Green on one side, red on the other and 
the tongue depressor works as the handle.  
Then you ask questions like:
  • can you cook?
  • can you ride a bike?
  • do you read for fun?
  • do you like speaking out loud?
  • etc etc etc
It helps you get a sense of who the kids are and where they are coming from. You can even have the kids come up with questions. These paddles can also be used in the future for a bunch of different things that require a yes or no answer.

I hope you enjoyed these games. If you want the printables, just go to my store and get the packet.  
Fun team building

Makes it so much easier.  It's so important to build community from day 1!  Have a great school year!!!

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