Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Benefits of Available Bundles

Sometimes, people are hesitant to purchase bundles due to the higher                                                                                      upfront cost. There is often concern over the quality of all of the resources                                                                                and if this justifies the cost.  Thankfully, the Social Studies Super Bundles                                                                            are filled with TONS of high-quality printable and digital resources. Be sure                                                                                to see how amazing the resources are! It will be evident that all of the activities                                                                    are fun, engaging, worthwhile lessons! Even better, the bundles are only $20                                                                            during this exclusive sale! 

After purchasing, huge stress will be lifted due to spending less time planning.                                                                        HOURS of your time will be saved with these ready-to-go resources! Even better,                                                                    all of the resources bring in updated and innovative teaching strategies. For                                                                        example, students will be playing digital games, moving to stations, using Boom                                                                        Cards, and completing web searches. Therefore, you will be able to read the book                                                                    on your list, catch up on TV, play with your kids, or take a much-needed nap. After                                                              purchasing these bundles, say goodbye to stressing over lesson planning! 

Secondary American History Bundle 

For only $20, teachers will receive dozens of resources! It is filled with fun,                                                              engaging, activities in order to ensure students are focused! For instance, they will                                                                  complete stations about WWII, analyze primary resources, study the Oregon Trail,                                                                    and take doodle notes. Furthermore, students will complete a Genius Hour project                                                                    and study the American Revolution and Women’s Suffrage. Students will truly love                                                            American History with this bundle! 

Secondary Ancient Civilization and World History Bundle

Sometimes, students have trouble understanding why the past is so important to                                                                learn about. Therefore, this $20 bundle will bring in creative ways to show students                                                                how current societies learn from ancient civilizations. To do this, students will learn                                                           about many topics, such as refugees, lives of Pharaohs, WW1, and Athens Sparta.                                                              As above, lessons are filled with engaging materials, such as projects, graphic                                                            organizers, and webquests!

Secondary Government Bundle

Due to the different branches and legal components, Government can be a really                                                               hard topic to understand. There is just so much to learn! Hence, this $20 bundle                                                                has tons of activities that will break down complex topics. For instance, students                                                                  will learn about a becoming a law, criticisms of Congress, and due process.  Just                                                            like above, all of the activities are high-quality and filled with updated teaching                                                           methods. 

Secondary Geography Bundle 

In this $20 bundle, students will gain a much better understanding of locations                                                                     and landforms.  For example, lessons focus on Latin America, landforms on Earth,                                                             and 5 themes of geography.  Students will have so much fun learning that they                                                                won’t even realize how they are processing really complex information! 

SUPER Secondary Bundle 

If you are like many secondary social studies teachers, you have multiple preps.                                                              While you want to give each class your absolute best, it can be hard when planning                                                                  so many lessons! Thankfully, there is a SUPER bundle that includes all 4 bundles                                                            above which includes over $600 in products! For only $60, a huge weight will be                                                                    lifted off your shoulders! Every single prep will be filled with activities students love! 

Elementary Social Studies Bundle (Grades 3-5)

As students get older, they are ready to learn more complex topics. Here, students                                                              will learn about protest movements, history headlines, the Constitution, and                                                                  national parks.  Furthermore, students will read nonfiction reading passages,                                                                            practice map skills, and learn to protect the environment. Truly, there is an entire                                                              year’s worth of activities included in order to ensure students learn all about history                                                                  with over $400 of products. Even better, the entire bundle only costs $20! 

Elementary Social Studies Bundle (Grades K-2)

As students start to understand the importance of a strong community, they are                                                                ready to learn where this originated from. Thus, students will learn about different                                                communities, responsible decision making, and teamwork. Additionally, students                                                                  will learn connections between the past and present and how to read basic                                                              components of a map. There are so many activities included that will last through-                                                                out the entire year! As above, the entire bundle is only $20

SUPER Elementary Bundle 

Many teachers are responsible for multiple grade levels. Therefore, there is so                                                                  much to prep!  In order to best meet the needs of all teachers, you can buy both                                                      elementary bundles for only $35

When buying the  Social Studies Super Bundles for a HUGE discount,                                                                tremendous stress will be lifted from your plate! Since over 45 sellers came                                                                  together to create bundles, incredible bundles, and they won’t be around for long.                                                                You can save hundreds of dollars.  Grab and hours of time from October 3rd                                                                  through October 10th at 11:59 PM onlyThis is a one-time opportunity - so be sure                                                              not to miss out!


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