Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tricks or Treats?

My students can’t wait to go trick-or-treating, but fourth graders usually don’t even know what that expression means. So I begin our holiday celebration with an explanation of what the term means. Then I ask, “Would you rather trick someone or get a treat from them?”

                         (I’ve gotta admit, sometimes the tricking is much more fun!)

So, while I am busy getting them all excited about upcoming Halloween activities, I’m also incorporating seasonal fun into my lessons. Boom Cards, Google Forms Quizzes, and Worksheets with Riddles all keep my students actively engaged in required curriculum while at the same time enjoying a few classroom ‘treats’!

Be sure to grab these Halloween freebies. Whether you prefer Boom Cards or Google Forms Quizzes, both give instant feedback for your students and automatically graded assignments for you!

Halloween Comparing Decimals Boom Cards • Halloween Comparing Decimals Google Forms Quiz

Check out my newest product for Halloween fun here: Halloween Double Digit Multiplication Worksheets with Riddles

And, don’t forget your Halloween spelling quiz! It’s a FREE HALLOWEEN ACTIVITY {{{HERE}}}

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