Monday, April 25, 2022

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Social Skills | Be Proud Book | We are all People | Pride Day”

by Looks Like Language
1st - 8th Grade

As educators, we can help promote kindness and understanding of each other's differences by helping our students to be able to talk about it. For even though we are all different, we are also all the same.

Whether you have students who feel different because of gender, sexual preferences, cultural differences, skin color, or something else, this book can lead to discussions that help students grow and feel more comfortable with each other.

The text talks about how we are the same and how we are different in general terms. It is up to you to decide how specific you want to get by discussing the pictures. And, of course, letting children ask questions is always a great way to guide a discussion!

There is also a draw your own book for students to identify what they feel proud of.

Because getting along is so important to me, this book is free for you to use.

Enjoy! Linda@LooksLikeLanguage

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