Thursday, April 28, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Bug Hunt Observation Activity”

by Sweet Integrations - Sandy Cangelosi
Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Bugs; Bug Observation; Insects

Enjoy this freebie to go with your Insect (bug) study. It's fun for all elementary grade levels.

In this product:
- Color and black and white title page
- Name, description, location of bug and drawing in the bug jar
- Bug hunt research
- Bug hunt photos or drawings
- Buggy facts
- Build a bug after looking at website about body parts
- Going on a Bug Hunt observations and discoveries
- Dirt in a Cup recipe
- Ants on a Log recipe
- Fun addition: Nature Scavenger Hunt; students check off their findings

This is part of an another unit: Camp Theme: Camp Barefoot End of the Year Activities

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